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Taking the time to have annual physical exams is important to your overall health and wellness. Dr. Karen Russell-Little of Amity Internal Medicine and Total Body of Bingham Farms, Michigan, offers a wide range of services to help you achieve and maintain your healthiest body possible. For a complete annual physical, call or book an appointment today.

Physicals and Annual Checkups Q & A

Why is a physical exam important?

An annual physical exam, or checkup, is an important part of your overall plan for lifelong health.

If you are healthy, a physical is important to staying free of illness. A regular checkup is even more important if you suffer from a chronic illness, to monitor progress and prevent long-term complications.

The purposes of having regular physicals:

  • For the prevention of illness
  • To identify risk factors for common disorders
  • To detect disease early
  • To learn healthy habits
  • To update clinical data
  • To keep baseline information for future use

Finally, having a strong bond with Dr. Russell-Little is important, especially in the event that you need intense care.

How can physicals help prevent disease?

Annual physicals can help to prevent disease or progression of chronic illness in a number of ways. Amity Internal Medicine and Total Body offers different levels of preventive care services with each visit.

Disease prevention

Prevention of disease is the primary function of your annual checkup.  Services like vaccinations for measles or chickenpox help prevent illness entirely.

Risk reduction

The secondary level of prevention involves identifying areas where you may have risk factors for illness and reducing your chances of getting that disease. For example, blood pressure checks are needed to identify the potential for hypertension.

Illness management

Managing illness that has been previously diagnosed is the final level of preventive care and focuses on avoiding complications and helping you have the healthiest outcome possible. For example, insulin management is important after you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes.

Each aspect of your checkup has the goal of helping you be as healthy as possible throughout your life.

What does a physical exam entail?

Annual checkups at Amity Internal Medicine and Total Body begin with a healthy history or an update to your previous health history. Then, Dr. Russell-Little does a thorough physical assessment, which includes a check of all your major body systems.

Depending on your health history, current disease processes, and risk factors she may order diagnostic studies, such as:

  • EKG
  • Blood work
  • Urine tests
  • Vision test

She records your weight and discusses any changes you may need to make for healthy weight control. She monitors your chronic illness and makes any needed changes to your treatment plan.

For your regular checkup, call or book an appointment today.