Super Dose B12


Energy Levels

Vitamin B12 is crucial for your energy levels. That’s because it works much like iron to help you build red blood cells, which are known for carrying oxygen and nutrients around the body. As soon as your vitamin B12 levels start to dip, you can find yourself with lower levels of energy as well. In fact, low B12 can even lead to its own kind of anemia. If you feel fatigued and tired, then low B12 may just be the culprit.


B12 is also able to help combat depression and chronic stress. It does this by regulating the nervous system and thereby helping to maintain a healthy balance with neuro regulators in the central nervous system


B12 also strengthens the immune system against colds, flus, and other viruses and might help to prevent you from taking so many sick days! This is something that shouldn’t be understated. Even when you aren’t sick in bed, you may often find your body combating low-level infections and bugs, which can prevent you from performing at your very best.

Helps You Think!

Turns out that Vitamin B12 might also be a powerful agent in improving cognitive function. Vitamin B12 helps the brain to regulate a number of important neurotransmitters and is a ‘precursor’ to many of these chemicals. In other words, the brain needs vitamin B12 in order to synthesize the very chemicals it uses to communicate between cells.

This can enhance your mood, improve concentration, boost memory and more! At the same time, Vitamin B12 helps the brain to get more blood and oxygen, which improves its energy levels for even better performance.

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