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Karen Russell-Little, MD cares about your health and is committed to helping you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Dr. Russell has partnered up with John Houston Smith at Grindtime Fitness to offer exclusive discounts on training & workout classes. Also, your own personal chef with pre-prepared meals and personal meal plans! This is a very distinguishing feature of Grindtime Fitness that can have a huge impact on results.  Read more below on how Grindtime Fitness can make a difference in your life.


            Why Choose Grindtime?


Grindtime Fitness was started 5 years ago by a man named John Houston Smith. The gym model he created was based upon the need he saw in the fitness industry. Gyms were full of machines and trainers but no one there to help with the nutritional side. So like many others, he struggled to find healthy options to couple with his training regimen. So he started a gym that provides unlimited training at a low cost, customized meal plans, and even added an on-staff chef to help with meal prep for his members.


The handprint concept in his gym is the fun part. When you walk in you’ll see lots of handprints on his gym walls. The white handprints signify people who have lost up to 15 pounds. These people are usually the ones who just needed to “tone up”.

- The blue handprints represent members who have lost between 20 and 49 pounds.

- And the red handprint signifies members who have lost 50 pounds and above.


Every quarter John hosts graduation to celebrate and honor those who stuck it out and achieved their goal. John’s look often confuses people because he has the build and presence of someone who may be mean, loud, and unaccepting. Don’t let the tattoos fool you. His approach is the exact opposite. He focuses on delivering overwhelming intentional kindness.


He’s responsible for over 20,000 pounds of weight loss over the last 5 years that he’s been a trainer hence his nickname “The Fat Doctor”. He knows EVERY SINGLE CLIENT by name. And that’s because he wants them to all know that they are more than just a number or a dollar sign. He wants people to feel like people. He will challenge you to become the best version of yourself for yourself. He’ll even make you laugh while doing it.


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