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Amity Internal Medicine introduces its newest Division AMITY TOTAL BODY

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The foundation of this new division remains consistent with the primary mission of the Internal medicine division which is always to promote the health and wellbeing of our clients, but takes it several steps further! 

Amity TOTAL BODY promotes wellness and beauty both on the inside and out with a more comprehensive evaluation of your very own personal physical goals and helps you to achieve them with a detailed and structured plan which will help to place you, and maintain you, on the right track to achieve the look you want.

We work with the outer body and the inner processing of your body’s systems to synchronize both units to work together and enhance the process of total body transformation. 

The human body is equipped with what it needs to both burn fat and to process fat elimination. We will help you get there with our comprehensive plan of action to help you achieve the very best version of your inner and outer self

Total Body Transformation

Dr. Karen’s TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION includes: Nutritional counseling - Achieve the weight reduction you desire with tailored nutritional plans to meet your weight loss goal before and or after the Coolsculpt treatment

Exercise regimen - Do it your way either with our personal trainer for a discounted price or with our discounted gym membership Or with our recommended researched tried and true exercises by going to the links provided for your 10-20 min workouts in the comfort of your own home.

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